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I am a Principal Research Fellow in machine learning at University College London (Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science) and a tenured research scientist at Inria (affiliated with the Modal research team from the Lille - Nord Europe research centre). I am also a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.

I am a member of the ELLIS society (and more precisely of its UCL Unit, of which I am a co-director) and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (member of the Computational Statistics and Machine Learning section). I am a fellow of ICA4 (Intercontinental Academia on Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence).

I serve as the scientific director of The Inria London Programme, a joint structure to foster scientific collaboration between Inria and University College London as part of a strategic France-UK partnership. Some more details in this press news and this one. This led to my being appointed a Young Leader of the Franco-British Council.

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